Fish Don't Just Bite ZillaBait...They Inhale It.

We hand mix, bottle and label all of our products in a small shop in the Pacific Northwest.


State of the art bait cures for Salmon and Steelhead eggs, as well as cures for Herring, Anchovies, Sardines, Shrimp and Prawns!


Egg Cures

Zillabait egg cures are easy to use and come in 4 amazing fish-catching colors: Natural, Pink Bubblegum, Orange Krush, and Red Radzberry.


Herring Cures

We offer our Herring Cure in 6 different colors: Natural, Slime-Lime, Indigo Blue, Lucky Green, Pinkish-Red Radzberry and Purplelicious. 


Shrimp Cures

Our small batch Prawn & Coon Shrimp Cure comes in 5 colors: Natural, Pink Bubblegum, Red Radzberry, Orange Krush and Blurple.


Need Help Choosing The Right Cure

Contact one of our retailers to find out which cure is best for your needs or call us directly.




"Finally got to try Zilla herring cure. Simply amazing, we fished 5 different cures and Zilla was the only one that produced."

James Henry Packnett

A little about us

Zilla Bait Cure’s have been developed over the last 30+ years and have proven to be a highly sought-after egg cure by professional fishing guides who are looking for that "extra edge." Several guides, as well as biologists and chemists, have contributed to the design of what we believe is the perfect ph-balanced cure.


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    Kristin Bishop / The FisherE

    The FisherE caters to Corporate accounts and anglers of all skill levels from novice to highly experienced.  Book your trip today.

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    Shea Fisher / The FisherE

    Come fish some of the best rivers in the Pacific Northwest with fishing guide Shea Fisher! Catch your limit of Salmon & Steelhead.

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    Mark Glassmaker / Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker

    Mark Glassmaker has been guiding on Alaska Kenai Peninsula and beyond for the past 28 seasons.

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    Matt Halseth / Matt Halseth Guide Service

    Guide Service for Salmon and Steelhead fishing the Oregon Coast, North Santiam River , Columbia and Willamette.

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    Scotty Landis / Scotty Landis Guided Sport Fishing

    Scotty has been fishing the great Pacific NW for the better part of 45 years. He specializes in light line angling for a challenging and rewarding adventure.

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    Ashley Nichole Lewis / Bad Ash Fishing

    Bad Ash Fishing offers guided fishing trips on the Quinault and Queets river for Salmon and Steelhead.

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    James Reagan / All In Guide Service

    All In Guide Services provides an all inclusive fishing guide service where you will experience great fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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    Garry Wheeler / G. Wheeler Fishing Guide

    Gary has spent all of his adult life chasing salmon and steelhead, and has acquired a wealth of experience doing so.