Bite Stimulants and Attractants

Welcome to Zilla Bait's premium collection of fishing bite stimulants and attractants! Our innovative products are designed to enhance your fishing experience by attracting more bites and increasing your catch rate.
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Z-Saltz is a bite stimulant that can really increase the instinctive bite of fish that are moving upriver and headed toward their spawning grounds. Use Z-Saltz as a topical on the day it is fished by sprinkling on already cured baits. This product has been tested throughout the Northwest with assistance from Shea Fisher & Kristin Bishop of TheFisherE Fishing Guide Service and in Alaska with Garry Wheeler of G. Wheeler Fishing and has proven to make BAD DAYS GOOD, GOOD DAYS GREAT, AND GREAT DAYS EPIC!

gray fish on water during daytime
river surrounded by trees


Z-SHRIMPZ is a culmination of strong bite attractants and has proven to be a game changer on all waters. Use it as a topical on already cured baits while fishing rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and tidal waters, including estuaries and the ocean. Z-SHRIMPZ may also be used during the curing process. Remember, a little goes a long way!