Pro-Cure Bait: Does It Really Work to Increase Your Catches?

Do you want to use Pro Cure bait to maximize the fishing experience you have to offer?

Wondering how to make the most out of your Pro Cure bait cure?

Look no further! This quick guide will reveal effective methods for using Pro Cure bait products to elevate your fishing success.

Pro-Cure Bait! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through various options to help you choose the ideal formula for your fishing success.

We’ll cover the topic from all angles to answer the question: Are Pro-Cure Bait products effective in making your fishing more successful?

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to fishing, uncover how to use Pro Cure bait effectively and increase your catch rate on your next fishing expedition.

What is Pro Cure used for

Bait oils, bait threaders, bait cures, bait injectors, and similar products are essential tools in the fishing industry, designed to enhance the effectiveness of bait and lures.

These products are typically made from real whole bait and are often UV enhanced, making them more visible to fish. They come in a variety of scents and flavors, catering to different fish species and their feeding habits.

Anglers often praise these products for their ability to improve catch rates and increase the likelihood of landing larger fish.

Pro cure bait ingredients

Pro-Cure bait scents stand out for being made entirely from real whole bait, free from any artificial or fake components.

What sets them apart is their UV enhancement, which significantly increases visibility underwater, attracting more fish to your bait or lure.

Additionally, these scents are enriched with amino acids, enhancing the natural flavors of the bait and triggering feeding impulses in fish. This combination allows anglers to choose scent specific to their target fish’s feeding preferences, making a significant difference on challenging fishing days.

When to Use Pro-Cure for Optimal Results

Pro-Cure is highly effective for applying to soft plastic lures, particularly beneficial in murky waters with limited visibility.

While it is marketed for use on hard plastics such as topwater lures, in my experience, it does not adhere well to these types of lures.

This is because the effectiveness of hard plastics in fishing is primarily based on visual appeal and movement rather than scent.

Regarding scent, Pro-Cure is most advantageous when targeting fish species that heavily rely on their sense of smell to locate food.

For example, flounder and redfish are two such species where Pro-Cure can be particularly beneficial.

However, for species like snook and trout that primarily rely on sight rather than smell, Pro Cure Bait Scents may not yield as significant results.

The Various Types of Pro-Cure Available in the Market

Pro-Cure offers a wide range of products to make your fishing trips more successful. Here are some of the types they have:

So here are list of some of the most popular Pro Cure bait products available in the market.

From potent scents to UV enhancements and amino acid-rich formulas, these products are designed to elevate your fishing experience and increase your chances of landing that prized catch.

#1 – Pro-Cure Bait Oil:

Pro-Cure Bait Oil combines potent bait scents with UV enhancement technology, which not only attracts fish through scent but also makes the bait more visible underwater.

Anglers who have used UV-enhanced scents can attest to the significant difference it makes in catching fish.

#2 – Pro-Cure Bait Sauces:

Made entirely from real bait, Pro-Cure Bait Sauces are rich in amino acids and other bite stimulants. They are specifically designed to work effectively with both artificial lures and natural bait.

The UV enhancement and high stickiness make them an excellent choice for attracting fish in various conditions.

#3 – Pro-Cure Sodium Nitrite:

Pro-Cure Sodium Nitrite serves multiple purposes, including acting as an anti-mold ingredient in egg cures and enhancing the natural color of salted eggs.

It is particularly essential in prawn and shrimp cures, ensuring the quality and longevity of the bait.

#4 – Pro-Cure Super Gel:

Derived from real bait and fortified with powerful amino acids, Pro-Cure Super Gel is a highly effective fish attractant suitable for all species and waters. Its thick, sticky consistency ensures prolonged adhesion to lures, spoons, and soft baits, retaining its effectiveness longer than competing products.

The added UV enhancement makes it visually appealing to fish without altering the lure’s color.

#5 – Pro-Cure Bait Waxx:

Pro-Cure Bait Waxx is a patent-pending formula designed to enhance lures with a potent scent trail of amino acids. Its unique waxy texture allows for better adhesion to lures, ensuring a long-lasting scent trail underwater.

Additionally, the UV Flash feature adds extra attraction, making it a practical and efficient bait enhancer for anglers.

#6 – Pro-Cure Liquid Egg Cure:

Created with Pro-Cure’s renowned egg cure formulas and enriched with amino acids, Pro-Cure Liquid Egg Cure is specifically designed to increase scent and trigger bites effectively.

The inclusion of krill powder adds an extra layer of scent appeal, making it a foolproof and convenient option for anglers without the need for mixing.

#7 – Pro-Cure UV Egg Cures:

This innovative egg cure incorporates UV powder, providing exceptional visibility to eggs and their milking scent trails underwater.

Pro-Cure UV Egg Cures are highly visible in various water conditions, making them particularly effective in challenging environments such as muddy or silt-laden waters.

#8 – Pro-Cure Borax Powder:

Super-fine and pure, Pro-Cure Borax Powder is designed to coat bait evenly without caking, maintaining optimal moisture levels. It is an essential additive for creating custom cures, offering versatility with natural or fluorescent color options.

Note that while these are the most popular types of Pro Cure bait products discussed in this article, there may be additional variations available in the market.

Choosing the Best Pro Cure Bait for Your Next Catch!

Pro tip :  How to choose the best Pro Cure for your fishing needs:

When selecting the right Pro Cure bait for your fishing trip, it’s essential to consider a few key factors:

  • Targeted Fish Species: Determine the species you intend to catch. For fish like flounder or redfish that rely heavily on scent, opt for Pro-Cure Bait Sauces or Bait Oil with rich amino acids.

    For species like snook or trout that focus more on sight, consider Pro-Cure Super Gel or UV Egg Cures for their visual appeal.

  • Water Conditions: Assess the water clarity. In murky or dirty water, products with UV enhancement like Bait Oil or UV Egg Cures can improve visibility.

    In clear water, focus on scents and flavors that match the natural prey of your target fish.

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  • Type of Bait: Choose a Pro Cure product that complements your bait type. For soft plastic lures, Pro-Cure Bait Waxx or Super Gel can enhance scent trails effectively.

    For egg-based baits, Pro-Cure Liquid Egg Cure or Sodium Nitrite can provide the desired scent and color.

  • Fishing Style: Consider your fishing style and preferences. If you prefer a mess-free application,
    Bait Waxx with its twist tube applicator can be convenient.
    For custom bait cures, Borax Powder offers versatility with color options.


Pro Cure bait offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance your fishing experience and improve catch rates.

From potent scents to UV enhancements and amino acid-rich formulas, Pro Cure Bait provides anglers with the tools they need to succeed on the water.


When selecting the best Pro Cure bait for your fishing trip, consider factors such as the targeted fish species, water conditions, type of bait, and your fishing style. Opt for bait formulas that complement your fishing goals and preferences, whether you’re targeting species that rely on scent or sight.

Experiment with different Pro Cure products to find the ideal formula that maximizes your fishing success and helps you reel in more catches. Happy fishing!

FAQs About:
Pro-Cure Bait: Does It Really Work to Increase Your Catches?

Finally, we'll address some of the most frequently asked questions about Pro Cure bait that may come to mind.
  • What is Pro Cure Brine and Bite used for?

    Pro Cure Brine and Bite is used to enhance the effectiveness of bait by adding scent, flavor, and color. It helps attract fish and can be particularly useful for bait fishing.

  • How do you use Pro Cure Brine?

    To use Pro Cure Brine, simply mix the desired amount of Brine and Bite solution with water according to the instructions on the product packaging. Submerge your bait in the brine solution for a specified duration to allow it to absorb the scent, flavor, and color.

  • What is the best brine for bait?

    The best brine for bait depends on personal preference and the type of fish you are targeting. Pro Cure Brine and Bite is a popular choice among anglers due to its effectiveness in enhancing bait attraction.

  • How do you make a brine solution for bait?

    To make a brine solution for bait, start by dissolving salt in water until it reaches the desired salinity level. You can add other ingredients such as sugar, garlic powder, or Pro Cure Brine and Bite for additional scent and flavor. Ensure that the bait is fully submerged in the brine solution for optimal results. Adjust the brine solution’s strength and ingredients based on your fishing goals and target species.