Salmon & Steelhead Egg Cures


Salmon tend to like more sulfite than sugar, so we designed our sodium based salmon cure with bite stimulants.

Steelhead love sweet baits and that’s why we designed our steelhead cure a little sweeter than our salmon cure. Both cures are easy to use and come in 4 colors: Natural, Pink Bubblegum, Orange Krush, and Red Radzberry.


Red Radzberry

Pink Bubblegum

Orange Krush




This blend was developed in conjunction with Ashley Nicole Lewis of Bad Ash Fishing in an effort to produce an egg that has both the deep red of our Red Radzberry cure, as well as the neon effect of our Orange Krush.

We worked with Ashley and other fisherman that were targeting Salmon and Steelhead on the coastal rivers to come up with a perfect blend. Once we had it perfected, Bad Ash Blend Salmon and Steelhead cures were bottled and sold. We have had so many great reports of success from this color blend and it has quickly become one of our best sellers.


This blend of colors came at the request of Mark Glassmaker of Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker in an effort to create a deeper, darker red for the glacial waters of Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula.

We were able to get just the right amount of the dominate purple blended with our already proven Red Radzberry to accomplish not only a darker, but a longer lasting, red color to the eggs.


Lay egg skeins on a fragrance-free paper towel. With sharp scissors (for best results and to not pop individual eggs while cutting, we prefer to use ceramic scissors), butterfly your egg skeins lengthwise. Place up to 4 cut skeins in a 1-gallon zip-lock bag, laying skeins flat, then sprinkle with Zilla Bait Cure. (Sprinkle like you would season a steak before cooking – you want nice coverage, but you should still be able to see the eggs through the cure.) Flip skein over in bag, and sprinkle the other side with cure in the same manner. Leave air in the bag and seal shut. Leaving at room temperature, flip bag over every 15 – 20 minutes for as long as possible (at least 2 hours but up to 12 hours). Your eggs will be ready for fishing or to store in 12 hours.

Note: In order to get a quality cured end product, you must start with good eggs!

Because ZillaBait has no added fillers and uses only the ingredients necessary in the curing process, you should have no liquid to drain from the bag at the end of the curing process. If you find after the first time you use our egg cure that all the liquid hasn’t been re-absorbed back in to the eggs after 12 hours, next time you cure eggs, sprinkle just a little more cure then you did the first time. You will soon find the perfect balance that works for you!